Thursday, December 25, 2008

what have i done so far..

ok. ppl usually have their aims for that year or new year resolution. i dont have it. i did not plan my life. i dont know why. i just followed the flow, till what i am now. i know we should have our targets in life. but, i'm afraid to put a target. i'm afraid of failure, i guess.

anyway, these are what have i achieved in 2008 :

- finished my degree on time & graduated with honours.
- got a job & started saving for my wedding
- found my future husband. huhu~
- bought a car for myself. kereta name sendiri la kan...~
- build a collection of shoes, heels, office attires & shirts. smpi x muat wardrobe. its an achivement too. ^_^

but i lost a friend that i love so much. not because of she gone anywhere or past away ke. she just doesn't want to be friend with me anymore. nk wat cmne kan..she made her call. so i don't give a damn pn. i have lotsa frens lg. but, true. i will miss her.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 is leaving

OMG. its already December 08. feels like the clock clicking so fast. is it because i'm working rite now? so i do not really feel the time?

oh. i'm becoming 23 next year. 23. such a beautiful number. our choromoses are 23 in pairs. my parents met each other when they were 23 too.

2008 is leaving us. i think 2008 is the best year ever. there were so many good things happen to me. of course there were bad things too. but i count the good one je. why should i igt bende2 yg x best tuh kan...? hu~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

new car!!

i ordered my car on my birthday. so, its like a big birthday present for me. but without the grand party this year. i like it very much. same color with akmal's car. his is orange neo.
i celebrated my birthday with him. watched Madagascar 2. my mum called me the day after. my sister bought me a shirt which i really love. and balqis sang a birthday song to me..
oh. i miss her a lots. kene ajak angah balik muar nih.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

selamat berhari raye pule!

company gave us 1/2 day leave. for us to do last minute shopping kot.

duit raye makin berkurang. adekah kerana saye dh berkerjaya??

kene bg duit raye kt anak2 sedare jugak. pokai beta...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

selamat berpuasa !!!

adekah bulan ramadhan kali ni peluang saye utk menguruskan bdn?

mcm tidak je...

hahhahaha...watever it is, happy fasting everyone =)

Monday, September 01, 2008

1st job

i sent tons of resume to tons of companies. some of them called me for interview.

so i went for interview at this company. Delphax Sdn Bhd.

they like me. they offered me as a PA and HR Assistant first. i thought this is so cool. penah la kan berangan nk jd secretary. so i accepted the offer.

i have a career now. shit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i found my L.o.V.e

i just found him. in the corner of my heart. dunno that he's sitting there for how many longs. suddenly i realize I'm in love with him.
i love him. i really do.

Friday, August 08, 2008

graduation day !!!

yeah!!! finally after 3 years of battle with laziness, skipping-class mode, and everything had to do with studies, i can get my scroll. a degree in biohealth science, pass with honours.

how honoured i am. huu~

rase sgt bangge krn sudah grad. seeing your parents face, how satisfied they are when we can complete our degree. i had fulfill my parent's dream, to see me in graduation gown, receiving my scroll from the sultan.

as for my coursemates, Biohealthicians are rockssss!!! Congratulations to all of us!!!!!


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Latihan Industri

so, i choose to take this Latihan Industri, 3 hours credit paper. most of us took this course. its really expose us to what-nerdy-bio-student-meant-to-be. hahahhaha. i choose Hospital Muar, since its in Muar so i can just stay at home. free accommodation, transport, petrol and foods. hu.
so we had to work in Pathology Lab. play with blood in Blood Bank, viruses & bacs in Microb's lab, and also urine and *s&#@* man! and human tissues in histo lab. tell u guys, rse cm nyesal amik bio's..haihh

oh. tp berpeluang jumpe kwn2 baru. =)
i have to wear tudung coz it is goverment hospital. n lots of makcik-makcik yg mulut kepoh. mls nk wat havoc. huhu

Saturday, June 07, 2008

a starter

just want to find a new hobby since im working now. n its hard to do outdoor activities unless its on weekends.

so, my posts can be varies from political to life to love to friendship to work to etc..

its just my thoughts.

thank you.