Thursday, July 03, 2008

Latihan Industri

so, i choose to take this Latihan Industri, 3 hours credit paper. most of us took this course. its really expose us to what-nerdy-bio-student-meant-to-be. hahahhaha. i choose Hospital Muar, since its in Muar so i can just stay at home. free accommodation, transport, petrol and foods. hu.
so we had to work in Pathology Lab. play with blood in Blood Bank, viruses & bacs in Microb's lab, and also urine and *s&#@* man! and human tissues in histo lab. tell u guys, rse cm nyesal amik bio's..haihh

oh. tp berpeluang jumpe kwn2 baru. =)
i have to wear tudung coz it is goverment hospital. n lots of makcik-makcik yg mulut kepoh. mls nk wat havoc. huhu