Thursday, December 25, 2008

what have i done so far..

ok. ppl usually have their aims for that year or new year resolution. i dont have it. i did not plan my life. i dont know why. i just followed the flow, till what i am now. i know we should have our targets in life. but, i'm afraid to put a target. i'm afraid of failure, i guess.

anyway, these are what have i achieved in 2008 :

- finished my degree on time & graduated with honours.
- got a job & started saving for my wedding
- found my future husband. huhu~
- bought a car for myself. kereta name sendiri la kan...~
- build a collection of shoes, heels, office attires & shirts. smpi x muat wardrobe. its an achivement too. ^_^

but i lost a friend that i love so much. not because of she gone anywhere or past away ke. she just doesn't want to be friend with me anymore. nk wat cmne kan..she made her call. so i don't give a damn pn. i have lotsa frens lg. but, true. i will miss her.

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