Tuesday, February 17, 2009

do we need to celebrate valentine's day?

i don't know. but basically, i don't celebrate pn. its just happen that day i went out with akmal. he bought me a pair of adidas shoes, complete with socks and tumbler.

akmal: now u dont have a reason lg x nak g jogging
me: ala....
akmal: tade. g jogging. i just want u to be healthy, sweat sket. u know kan women tend to have osteoporosis. x tkt ke..?
me: ala...kamu kan ade utk jage saye.
akmal: tade. nnt ajak pijah g jogging
me: **with the sour face**

oh, i saw my ex-friend (ade ke word ni?) with his bf too. gosh, i miss her so much!

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