Tuesday, March 31, 2009


August 08
PTD examination - lulus

December 08
PTD assessment - lulus

March 09
PTD interview - gagal......

hahahahah. ko mmg x layak jd PTD nani. hahah

eh..tp ade org yg exam pn x lulus kan. kire saye agak terer juge..lalalalala~

oh ye..today is my sister's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGAH!!! LOVE U. muahh..~

Sunday, March 15, 2009

tercalar. terluka

since i've been promoted to sales department, i travel a lots.

so, there's 1 day i went to HUKM to meet the surgeons there. it was morning. so, basically, the parking of course la full. but i didn't care. i still wanted to park near the main lobby. i got a nice parking spot near the stairs.

so after all the meeting2-talk2 with the surgeons, i wanted to go to Pantai Indah. but, there was white kancil parked behind my car. the kancil's bontot blocked mine. but, i couldn't wait the driver. it was a really hot day. so, i reversed my car. but, naseb malang. my front bumper telah bergesel dgn bontot kancil tuh. shitttt!!!! tercalar la sedikit mr oyen saye. sorry!!! i promise i will spray new paint on u oyen. wait lah..until i got my comission. huhu~

shittttt lg!!!! heeee!