Wednesday, April 29, 2009

make it or not.

my superior is going to new zealand. she is a good boss to us. she teach me everything. from a to z. i will definitely miss her. our pit-stop-corner-owner, i think she will going on herself too.
lately, my company receives a lots of resignation. maybe because of the economic slowdown, salary delay, o.t frozen and cut-off allowance, some of the employees cannot 'tahan'.
lucky for me, i still survived. in may, i have interview for science officer. akmal is also called for the interview. its under the MOH. so if both us make it, senang lah hidup. if one of us je, still ok. if none of us, hurmmm...have to stay with delphax lahh..

Friday, April 17, 2009

saturday & sunday

last month, my friend YAN got engaged. she is an OT nurse at IJN. her wedding, next year. i'm so happy for her. yana and i, as usual, we just being kepochi and sebok2 jek. huu~

in May, my friend farah will get married. on the same weekend, my cousin also got married. farah's sunday, my cousin's saturday.

the next week after that, abid will get engage too. its on sunday. but on saturday before, it's my cousin kenduri.

pening2. cmne ni???

Monday, April 06, 2009

i miss everyone

its April already. time running so fast. but i dont want to be left behind. i want to go with the flow. but with some excitements and adrenalins.

my friend is having a scandle. i dunno how she can managed both of them. i think, she terkene mandrem. huu~

my bf is soon busy with his basketball traning. so he warned me that some weekends we cannot meet, or if meet pn, sekejup je. and i went like, "alaaaa....."

i miss my BH chicks. roro is in russia. arock, pooja, salina are in IMR. diana in PTPL sg.petani.
maria in pantai fomema. me, shikin are in delphax.

i miss my crazy happening chicks. yana, abid, gg, maria marina, yan.

i miss balqish.