Monday, April 06, 2009

i miss everyone

its April already. time running so fast. but i dont want to be left behind. i want to go with the flow. but with some excitements and adrenalins.

my friend is having a scandle. i dunno how she can managed both of them. i think, she terkene mandrem. huu~

my bf is soon busy with his basketball traning. so he warned me that some weekends we cannot meet, or if meet pn, sekejup je. and i went like, "alaaaa....."

i miss my BH chicks. roro is in russia. arock, pooja, salina are in IMR. diana in PTPL sg.petani.
maria in pantai fomema. me, shikin are in delphax.

i miss my crazy happening chicks. yana, abid, gg, maria marina, yan.

i miss balqish.