Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i lost my I.C

*saya adalah yang paling muda dan paling annoying*
tak percaya??
I just came back from Kota Kinabalu on last Sunday. It was my first trip with the company. We joined Malaysian Ortopaedic Association's Meeting there. It was more like a gathering for all Orthopeadic Surgeons in Malaysia. We had a good time there. We ate seafoods eveynight. Rasa macam dah kena gout. kalau tak kena gout, mesti cholesterol level makin tinggi. haihh..

But, the best moment was when i lost my I.C. What??? I.C ??? yup. betapa chiotic nya saya sampai hilang i.c. hahahahha..i had to make a police report. so that i can checked in and passed the imgresen security at Sabah's airport. memang kelakar gila. entah macam mane boleh tak perasan i.c takde dalam wallet. hurmphh...after that kena la dengar perli-perlian collegues and big boss saya. iskk.. (*_*")

5 days there were so tiring. We were also the exhibitor, so we had to stand up and layan sume surgeons yang datang ke booth. Everynight after we had dinner with surgeons and boss, Alison, Nurul & me will quickly rushed to our hotel room and turned on the television. We were addicted to Star Movies. Macam kat peninsular takde star movies. yee..ade. tapi yang ni dari indonesia. even subtittle pun bahasa indon. They aired the latest movie, semua movies yang best-best tau. memang la addicted jadi nya. huhu =P

Akmal picked me up from the office. He used my car on Friday. Said he missed my 'bau'. hahaha. How cute he was. Now he knows how i feel when he was oustation to Ipoh or Penang or Seremban or Johor or Melaka. Pay him back. Padan muka kamu. huu (*_*)

Okay. Playtime is over. Need to work hard now. haihhh...

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