Thursday, July 30, 2009

not much different. but i'm happy!

23 May 2009 - 54.8 kg

29 July 2009 - 51.2 kg

Yes! yes! yes! hahahahhaha

Sunday, July 26, 2009

jiwa kacau

should i feel sad or happy?

at one side, i am so happy for him. he get the goverment job. so, his future is already secured ( and so am i. *perasan okey* T_T ). His posting is at hospital pakar sultanah fatimah muar. Muar y'all. which is my hometown. of course it will give me tons of reasons to go home. which is not a big deal. usually i go back to muar like twice a month, or least once a month. he said he will come to KL for every 2 weeks, for his basketball game and me. so if he's not coming to KL,i can go to muar. so, not a big problem right? kan? kan? sila la jawab 'ya' bagi pihak saya.

on the other side, he is no more in KL. i can't meet him everyday. dah tak boleh mengada nak suruh dia datang shah alam teman dinner or lunch. or movie on wednesday (sebab half price *_*). so akan ada weekend yang dia tiada di sisi peneman saya pergi shopping sale sebab sale sampai 30 ogos lama lagi tuh dan banyak kasut baju dress office attire yang boleh diborong. *ayat tak payah puitis sangat nani*

terpaksa lah nanti mengheret kawan-kawan yang sudi meneman saya masuk ke semua kedai yang membuatkan mata bersinar melihat word 'sale', yang sudi bersama saya bertawaf sunway pyramid mid valley one utama the curve cineleisure. uhu.

pesanan dia, mahu saya jadi lebih matang, jaga diri baik-baik, happy sentiasa dan jangan sedih-sedih selalu.
pesanan saya kepada dia, ingat saya selalu, jangan menggatal, jangan mengurat orang lain dan selalu-selalulah datang jumpa saya.

do you guys notice the differences of his pesanan dan saya? kenapakah ya jadi begitu? hikhik.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hutang keliling pinggang

car installment = RM 580
house renting + bills = +- RM 200
maxis bill = +- RM 100
pTpTn installment = RM 150
credit card = RM 210
london weight management tuh = RM 800 (balance)
savings = RM 200 or RM 150 or RM 100 (tengok mood)
bagi parents every month = RM 250
debt to boyfie = RM 380 (tak boleh ke halalkan je..? heee =D )

I'm broke. urghhh.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the 4 days of my life


arrived at office at 9.13am
feel so hungry and ate cookies (courtesy from kak ita), milo 3 in 1 plus nescafe.
*blurppp* sendawa angin

last nite..

dinner at pak li kopitiam with cousins. *total RM 35.30* <---- what the F***!
washed & blowed hair at auntie's salon * total RM 0 <---- naseb baek!
went to uptown shah alam with cousins * total RM 7.20 (milage) <---- nak claim sape ni?
hung out till 1.00 am <---- jd pagi nih sangat mengantuk. sila jangan cari pasal dengan saya!

* iklan sejenak *

jalan kristal, seksyen 7 (next to hakim y'all)
shah alam
promotion : all type of hair service will get 20% discount.
facial, body & foot massage, spa will be ready by next week.

*sila lah berkunjung ke sane sebab boleh jumpa saye menempel di situ* =)


went to HUKM. met up with the surgeons. chit chat till 6.30 pm
stucked in jam for 30 minutes
did a lots of thinking.hurmmm...

last sunday..

went to masjid india and jalan TAR.
bought kain for baju raya - color : orange brownish
the question now : mane nak tempah baju? ade lagi ke tailor yang sudi jahit baju saya?

last saturday..

went to mid valley with boyfie, with the hope to watch harry potter. but, couldn't make it. full okey! gardens pun full! so we just hung out at jusco, bought wedding present for mr shamsul. tried some perfumes. coz my paco rabanne black XS bottle is almost empty. tried armani black code, nice. i like it. the smell is strong and it give this feeling " don't mess up with me". then i tried the latest dkny white rose. love it too. feel like so girlish and sweet. hu. akmal asked me whether i want to buy it or not. i said, just wait lah.. lack of budget. nanti kena meminjam ah long pulak. then, blah dari mid valley yang sesak tuh. send him to pantai dalam.

* in the mean time, kena marah dengan dia for some silly things. sedih sebab dia dah berhenti kerja and tak dapat jumpa hari-hari dah. macam mana kalau die kene posting pegawai sains tuh kat hospital yang jauh-jauh dan kat ceruk-ceruk dunia sket? jiwa kacau! *

then his old mate called. they wanted to meet up at padang utara p.j, so i followed je lah. had dinner with them at a&w * habis plan diet saya x mau makan fast food okey! *

about 8.30 pm, i went back to shah alam.

* owh, then he went back to mid valley with his friends. he bought me the dkny white rose. sebab masa kat a&w tuh, tiba-tiba bau die jadi makin sweet and best. he bought his to. * "baik lah, saya akan ganti balik hutang kamu beli perfume tuh" * sigh *

the end.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

tak tau nak letak title ape.

its been a week now since i have this chicken-pox. im so bored to the death. *bahasa melayunya bosan gile nak mati* haha. thank god lah kat muka ni tak meninggalkan scar yang scary-scary.

im alone at home now. my parents sent my bro to his tuition class. already had my dinner-yong tau fu muar, which was superb. entah kenapa la kan kat KL takde yong tau fu yang macam kat muar ni, yang siap dengan sup die ni. kat KL sume dengan kuah sambal yang kadang-kadang sedap, kadang-kadang macam hampeh rase die. so, everytime i go back to muar, i will not miss out lepak-ing at bentayan. menu wajib - mee bandung, air jagung & yong tau fu. perghhh!!!! delicious wa cakap lu beb!

seriously, dont have a single idea what i'm going to write. i feel blank, blur, dan yang sewaktu dengannya. damn! damn! my brain is not functioning tonight. why lah? is it because i haven't been expose to outside world for about..*counting* for 8 days? the fact that i did not stuck in the jam for almost 8 days, so my brain jadi lembab? sebablah i always do my-thinking-stuff while i'm stuck-ing in a jam. i think a lots during that time. from what will happen if transformer really exist in this world, to why madonna had a gut to wear underwear in front or 50,000 viewers, to will justin and jessica biel get tied up. hahah..ya ya. i know. what i think is useless, tak membantu pembangunan negara dan bangsa pun. i pernah terfikir jugak, is it possible that influenza A virus is a human made-genetic modification virus. maybe there is an evil individual who is so genius and got a lots of money, yang nak menakluk dunia jadi sengaja spread kan virus ni. nih la akibatnya kalau terlalu banyak tengok movie omputih.

my mum keep talking about my wedding. i told her there's no way i will settle down in the next couple of years. i'm not ready. but i love planning for it. mum said, "taulah. mak saje2 berangan dulu". hahah. comel gile mak. mengalahkan aku pulak. she said, lots of her friends asked when is my turn. heee...sibuk betul makcik-makcik kepoh ni tanya hal orang. bagi aku kurus dulu jadi hot macam dulu balik boleh tak. eh eh. hot ke aku ni dulu-dulu? perasan betul nih. heh. peduli ape.

p/s : sayang, rindu kamu sangat2 ni. datang sini boleh tak...? *jangan harap la* (*_*")

Monday, July 06, 2009

urghhh! chickenpox!

i'm having a chicken pox.
my face is full with the pox.
i hate it. benci. gedik.