Sunday, August 02, 2009


usual saturday seem so weird to me. at this time i should meet en akmal. should shower, choose what to wear, do hair and make-up a lil bit and wait for him or i go to him, depend to-where-are-we-going. but today, it did not happen. i woke up early and blur. staring at the ceiling fan and thinking what i going to do today.

thank god last night i hung out with my besties. met up at mid and ended at oldtown. new updates?? fana is going to Ipoh GH and arock to HKL. salina, zulirwan & pooja are still tough at IMR. azri is in UM as r.a, still rock his own way. syikin & me? we are still in delphax la kan. pictures are with zulirwan. waiting for him to upload.

so, back to the weird saturday. decided to go to sunway pyramid since i need to pay the maxis bill. tagged along abid, julie and fizah.

and this is what i got.

i am a teribble shopper. really. i hate myself for spending too much. but i have no regret. lalalala~ love what i bought. in love with dkny white rose at first sight. kain baju raya is according to my mum's colour theme. the rest, i bought them at 50% discount! yeay!

oh. need to adapt with those weird saturday-s.

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