Monday, December 14, 2009


picture from lelove

i miss him. so much. even though we just met last friday, feel like its already a week.
i love to hug him like that. when he's driving. listen to his heart beat and i feel very safe.
love it when his fingers tingle with my hair.
then he whispers, " i'll be with u forever, take care of u sampai mati. that's my promise. hold to it. be patient. time for us will come sayang."
"before that, kuruslah sikit eh. exercise please. jaga kesihatan kamu. be healthy. nie dah ok dah, tapi bagi fit sikit lagi."
and i'll laugh out loud. hahhahah. sambil poke his tummy yang berlemak jugak. cakap orang pandai.

dia nak kahwin dengan supermodel ke aku ni? heeee

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