Tuesday, February 09, 2010

another 17 days

how i'm going to survive until end of the month without seeing him for 26 days..

this will be the first time i will not meeting him for that long. before this, at least we can weet once in 2 weeks. during  this coming CNY holidays, i will going to penang with my family. then, the next week he'll have football match at JB. then from 22 Feb he will have his workshop and training at bangsar...but i'll be outstation to northern from the 20th to 26th...what a bad coincidence..benci benci tak suka.

hurm..but when i think again, there's some people yang tak dapat jumpa their other half sampai berbulan-bulan. and i should not complaining more, at least for now. hu.

ok. mari pergi kerja dengan bersemangatnya supaya dapat kumpul duit cepat-cepat. jom jom.

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