Thursday, April 15, 2010

so i'm going to JB tomorrow. stay there for 1 night. early friday morning, will register myself to JKN johor.

found a house near HSA. about 5 minutes driving. i think thats very OK. apartment, master bedroom-sharing. i just said yes to the owner. malas nak cari rumah lain. plus, that house is so near to the hospital. enough. but need to buy new bed, matress, almari baju. *sigh*

i want akmal to be there with me. i want him to follow us to jb. us means my parents, my sister, my brother-s and balqish. yes, i want him to accompany me,even though i have the whole family. but, still, i want him. i know his presence will have nothing much different, but who cares. i just need him as i need my family. i need all people that i love to be there with me.

yes, this thing is such a small ordinary thing that happens everyday in life. it just i'm getting a new job. and exagerrate it. yes i know. but in KL i still have my sister around. my parents will come to KL like once in 2 months. but, we dont have any relative in JB. they will most probably visit me once in 2 years. and i will not have anyone close to me around there. i have to make new friends, new hobby, new spot to lepaks, new route to take everyday to work. all new.

so the point is - i am selfish.

i push him to take leave on friday so he can follow us. i make my sister and brother rush back to muar after they got back from thailand. hahahhaha. yes, i know. selfish kan?

mesti korang cakap : hek elehhhh...pindah JB je. cerita macam kene pindah london!

ade aku kesah?


kak nurul said...

babes, you kan ade i. kak nurul kan visitor tetap JB. nanti kak nurul pergi, kak nurul lawat la nanie. and yeay, i have a place to stay in JB now! :)

Hernanie said...

yeay! how i can forget about u kan. huhu. ok2. now dh semangat sikit. nnt dtg JB roger kite tau! hehee

kak nurul said...

hihihi..nanti en.ayub dgn kak nor pun pindah johor kan.. u wont be alone lah, dont worry. nanti in these few weeks kalau kak nurul ade pegi JB, kak nurul carik nanie, and we'll ask my bf to bring you on a tour ok.. kite carik new spot for you to lepaks2 ok. i'll keep you posted~!

Hernanie said...

tenkiyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muchhhhhh! hehehe. x sbr nk tunggu kak nurul dtg. hehehehehhe. kite mmg x tau ape2 kt jb ni. ni dh kt hotel. so lapor diri kt JKN. nnt dtg sini bgtau k.

LyaNa HamzaH said...

how come u said like that babe..aku kan bakal meng follow kau ke jb..siap aku hantar sume resume ke jb more melaka as in plan..kl tu wat back up jek..hehhehe..u ;re not alone beb..aku pon nanti bakal menyesatkan diri kat jb..jb pon mcm complicated as kl but the worst part x de LRT..huhu.mati la aku nak blajar naik public transport nanti..btw, i got an interview in jb on mon..aku nebess..nger,

Hernanie said...

good luck weh nnt interview tuh. dpt nnt ko bgtau tau. aku tensen betul dgn hsa and jknj td. cr pasal dgn aku. baru first day mcm2 hal. heee.

LyaNa HamzaH said...