Thursday, April 29, 2010

super excited. because tomorrow is friday. i'm going back to hometown. then, balik seremban. ade wedding cousin. dah mintak cuti on monday nanti. hopefully approved. esok baru tau approved ke tak. anyways, approved or not, i'm still going back to muar. yes!

had a deep conversation with boyfie last night. hehe. i'm totally in love with you sayang. no doubt. i'm so sorry sebab suka cari pasal. sebab mengada nak attention lebih. padahal i know i always have you. this long distance relation really make me sick. tak sabar nak mintak transfer. tapi kena tunggu setahun pulak =(

ok. anyways, my job is boring. i'm only get excited when i read cells' slide. makin bertambah-tambah rabun aku nih asyik tengok mikroskop jek. sample processing is yucks. ecspecially when i once got bloody urine sample diagnosis for CA bladder. that caused me hungry the whole day cause i can't eat. asyik terbayang-bayang. the urine was pure blood okey! ewww~

nasib baik malam ni aku makan roti butterscotch dengan epal hijau jek.

p/s : i'm so in love with you akmal rais ridzuan! can't wait to meet you!  ^______^

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