Sunday, July 04, 2010

entri mushy-mushy sikit.

back to normal life.

he's back to muar about 3 hours ago. and i'm stuck alone in room. but its a weekend  that i won't regret at all. we spent a very quality time together kan sayang? indeed. we talked about everything. planning the future ahead, world cup, raya, baju raya, works, lab, your family, mine, especially balqish, health, everything. yes, he noticed my stomach a lil bit smaller than before. thanks to Nestle Fitness flakes and fruits and also Anlene milk. konon-konon dah kempis sikit perut buncit ni. hehe.

and now, perut die pulak yang membuncit sebab attachment 2 minggu kat hospital melaka tak pergi tennis for that whole 2 weeks. haha. its ok. i still love you though.

owh, i'm missing him already!


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