Sunday, July 25, 2010

sunday's project.

sunday's project.
baked a chocolate cake. totally satisfied. when u made something and everyone loves it, it will put smile on my face for the whole day. even its a boring sunday. but i know i've done something gooooood! hehe

the ingredients needed. and i used that tepung segera bought from giant.

campak semua dalam bekas and putar guna slow speed. after dah moist, putar at high speed for 2 minutes. then bakar la dalam oven yang dah dipanaskan dulu ok.

so another week left until i can finally meet akmal. will attend mazseela reception on saturday and meet up with some friends in KL. planning to have brunch with my fellow officemates when i was working in glenmarie on sunday. so, get ready girls! we gonna have a long chit chat and gossipping time nanti! tak sabar!!

what's there to update hah? oh yeah. my skII dah nak habis. only half of a bottle left. sangat sayang this miracle water. and i only use it once a day, before i go to sleep. the consultant said, it works best while we are sleeping. so that's why la i'm a cheapskate. kedekut. taknak pakai banyak. siang pakai clinique jek. and my clinique moisturiser pun dah tinggal sikitttt gilerrrr! maybe bertahan sampai raya kot. isk isk apesal sume benda nak habis ni. dah la nak raye dah. (padahal puasa pun belum lagi). banyak nak pakai duit ni. handbag raye, kasut raye, baju raya. isk isk isk.

and now i'm thinking macam nak switch to dermalogica. after tengok mazseela face cantik sekelip mata lepas buat facial dermalogica. and my mum's too. mak pun buat facial kat dermalogica jugak. after one facial, i can see her result. more radiant weh. wooohhh, aku memang senang terpengaruh la bab-bab cantik ni. haha. for me, muka tak comel, tak cantik, tak preety takpe. asalkan kulit muka bersih and cantik. its reflect how you take care of yourself kan? agree tak?

baju kurung raye dah beli jugak. kain cotton jek. simple. rm69. murah ke mahal? ntah. main beli jek. sebab takut lepas-lepas ni susah nak jumpa color tema yang my mum pilih tuh. silap-silap dah pakai dulu masa pergi kenduri maszeela nanti. hakhakhak.

oh, speaking of her. last friday tuh, i sent her pergi terminal larkin. and lunched kat kedai nasi kandar ni. then datang seorang makcik ni mintak derma or something. and mazseela bagi rm5 to that makcik. in return, that makcik gave her this buku panduan suami isteri. eh, macam tau-tau je she is getting married. boleh nampak kat dahi ker???? ke ade aura pape??? magic.

see? macam tau-tau je. orang yang nak kahwin ni boleh nampak seri ke sampai stranger pun macam tau-tau jek orang tuh nak kahwin. hikhik.

ok. bye

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