Saturday, August 07, 2010

friendship day, belated.

i'm missing my friends. everytime i feel alone, i will keep thinking this..why the heck in this world i am stucking here. why can't i get my position at klang valley area. thats would be great.

but yes. i should stop complaining. i mumbled or complained when i missed my friends. i missed those days. those day outs, hang outs, lepaking and gossiping. sometime you have to sacrifice, right? sacrifice these for better future. most of my weekends, its either i go back to muar or stay at jb. thank GOD i'm having yana at jb. if she is not here, maybe i'll go crazy. hakhakhak. tapi akan jadi lebih crazy bila together.

and i start to make new friends here. nasib baiklah aku bukan jenis shy-shy-cat. hakhak. so i hope i can click with them for good. and they can accept me for who i am. and refused for them to call me with 'cik' or whatsoever. it just not rock at all!! hahaha. just call me by my name. enough.

i know its so late already. but still want to wish all my friends happy belated FRIENDSHIP day !!
to :
-kak ita
-kak nurul

and those whom i did not mention your names here, you guys/ladies rock my world ..thank you very much for being the greatest friends ever!!!
i miss all of you.

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