Friday, August 20, 2010

skinny jeans and jackets

i love fashion. but i cant be a designer. i love musics. but i cant sing well. i love arts, but i cant draw. i love photography and thats why i am photogediks. eh, ape kait ni. silap silap. i love photography and thats why i curik my daddy's dlsr. eh eh silap lagi ni. i love photography and i'm learning. heh ni baru betul.

moving on.

i love this simple style. rock chic simple sweet dan sopan dan tak sexy seksa. hakhak. all images are from CHICTOPIA.

ideas to style my biker jacket.
(tapi lesen motor pun takdak)

ideas to style floral shirt with jacket. sweet.

roll up your jeans a bit to show off your gorgeous boots or heels.
thats what im doing lately ni. hu

simple yet classy. nampak kasut indah you tu.

and satu lagi yang amat-amat penting ni. DO pair your skinny jeans or leggings with loose top. if not you will look trashy ok. macam balut nangka. haha.

ok. sekian, tenkiu for reading. nak sambung layan cd korean drama.

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