Friday, September 03, 2010

happy moments

i think many things in this world make us happy. and keep us smiling the whole day. we need that happy moments to recharge ourselves, from work stress, fight with other half, money problem, hutang keliling pinggang, future and whatsoever. i once read cupcakes and cashemere blog and totally agreed with her. there are many reasons to keep us smiling and happy.

these are mine =)

- when i turn on car's radio and they are playing my favourite songs. will sing with them outloud. who cares kan? dalam kereta. pi lantaklah piching lari ke, suare pecah ke kan.
- when i go back home (muar) and mummy asks nak makan ape and she cooks delicious food for me. will eat like tak makan seminggu =P
- when en bf calls and asks how my day, how my work. and akan terus meluahkan perasaan kat die sampai lega. and senyum sampai telinga. then i will ask him. i tought u wanna say something dear? what is it? macam tak dengar la tadi. hooohooo. harus kene lempang laju-laju aku ni.
- when daddy or sissy or brother in law tanye, ade duit tak ni? nanti ayah/angah/abang amir bank in kan. wehuu~
- when balqis calls and asks 'bile maklang nak balik?' ok..thats the sign aku harus balik muar. uhu.
- when i stroll through my photo album in my external hard disk or in my fb album and reminding me of the good old days i had before. school life, matrix life, UM life, work life mase kat delphax and biotech. and many more. precious moments!
- when bf said 'i love u'. and we plan for the marriage and future. berangan pun dah buat kite happy. kan? hehe.

banyak sangat benda-benda yang buat aku happy. tapi ni je yang ingat nak di list-kan.

so, whats your happy moments? =)

keep smiling and be happy!

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