Monday, September 27, 2010

new car is on the way...

...for him, not for me lol.

but i am glad. that everything goes into its place. even though there's some hiccups here and there but we made it through.

he is buying new car. need to let go his neo. so we was choosing either jazz or swift. i give him my full support. and i am proud of him because he still counts in the future, OUR FUTURE. the money burden, savings and other options. and of course our wedding nanti ^_^. yes we talked a  lot about everything. and quarrel. and fighting. and tinggi-tinggi suara. then mengaku salah. and why that always be me? haha.

so that's it. just wait and see.

footnote: abang amir accident. pray for him hope he is doing alright. patah kaki. he's in HKL now.

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