Sunday, October 10, 2010

ten ten ten

not that ben ten. itu cartoon kesukaan kanak kanak ribena.

so how i enjoyed this day?

pelangi mall.

was starving like parkinson. something fast and ready on the table is what i was looking for. sushi king!

6 plates!

then went to cutting it saloon. hair treatment. 

VIP room sehh!

loyal customer dapat VIP room kot? plus hot milo nescafe or tea. i chose milo. haha. then i got RM50 voucher to purchase hairdryer or flat iron or curling iron. tapi nanti-nanti la beli. then bought new shampoo. on 15% discount. really hope it work for my dry frizzy hair and sensitive scalp and hair fall. aiyoh banyaknya hair problem! redken please dont let me down!!!

last but not least,

 mr sunsweet. please help me to b***k. coz i dah tak membuang 4 hari
ape gelak-gelak? ni kes serius tau. hehe.

so there goes my perfect 101010. but now i have this big hole in my pocket. aiyakkkk! 

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