Sunday, November 07, 2010

bridezilla mode : turned on.

ohoiii  macam dah lama gila tak melawat belog sendiri. lately ni maleh gilo kot nak bukak internet kat laptop. online gune bb je. tapi still tak sama la online guna laptop lagi best kot. hu.

so what's there to update? bought blackberry. bold je for me. and curve 3g for akmal. and he is really into this on-the-go online. pergi mana-mana pun bila nak beli barang macam accessories kereta ke he will online into forum and ask the forum products mana yang lebih baik. even nak beli porch untuk hp pun. haha. and bbm je sekarang ni till i need to beg him to call me. or kene tanye die. "kamu kalau rase-rase nak call org je, call je la. i will answer." ahah. sampai macam tuh sekali.

esok is my birthday. yang ke 21. eheh. perasan. yang ke 24 ok. dah semakin tua. tapi still young in the inside. cewahhh. and the best present i got is merisik ring! eheh. yup yup. his parents came. sort of merisik. they told my mum they all nak datang nak bincang-bincang hal budak-budak ni. hu.

so after the discussion my parents and his parents had decided the engagement will be on cuti chinese new year tahun depan. so bila tengok-tengok calendar chinese new year is on 3 and 4 feb 2011 which is on thursday and friday. so they will come on the 5th feb, saturday. and that left me about 2 months to prepare!!!

OMG!!!! sempat ke takkkkk niiiii??? ok dah start nervous. and me and akmal plan the wedding will be held sometime in november. and that left me about 1 year to plan!! ok dah sesak nafas sekarang!!!

i know i know. my fingers are gemuk. haha.
white gold is my ring.
that bigger gold ring is my cincin merisik!
super in love with it. simple and sweet.

so bear with me, my post after this will mostly about my engagement plan and wedding. jangan muntah ok bace. hahahha. and my family pun dah start bercakap-cakap pasal ni. so we are all excited. haha.


bridezilla mode is activated. now!


nadiahnazri said...

omg naniiiiiiiii~~~~~ so happy for youuu!!!!! tak sangke cepatnye i had to commenttt :) :)


Anonymous said...


HERNANIE said...

Nadiah, tq !! Kite pn mcm x sangka cepat mcm ni. Hehe

Anonymous : tq :))

Anonymous said...

Fizah aka jaja here..
Nanie...congratulation to u...oh my Gucci..hehe..
u are one step into marriage life..
u have to wake up early, prepare 4 breakfast,lunch x kot..hehe, dinner..mcm2..are u totally ready cik nani oii..:)
tp one thing for sure..laundry kat lua la tu..huhu
wish u all da best for the preparation nanie....