Saturday, November 27, 2010

over harry potter and such

you know when u in love with a guy, u wanna do every single thing with him. oh well, not everything, but some major things. things like harry potter. yes. its a big issue, for me. and its so sad he cant promise to watch it with me. yeah im sad over harry potter. not with him. because i cant watch harry potter with him so i cant watch harry potter. oh what the hell im telling here. haha.

he said, "if u wanna watch it just go. it will not tear us apart. not like i will be mad at u because of harry potter."
i know baby. harry potter is nothing compare to you. but i admit he is cute too. haha.

so i told him this. "if u wanna watch it too, u can. but u have to accompany me again if i wanna watch it with u. (and its on u. u belanja. gold tickets. with popcorn, and chickenball)". okeh ayat dalam kurungan tak sempat bagitau die. but i know u will read this honey. lalalalala. ^_^

in the mean time, lets daydreaming. DIY mini dais. i have something like below as my idea. i think it is quit simple. so u can do-it-yourself.

picture from sher design

i may change the bench with bantal nikah. so the bantal we can re-use for nikah. i dont know. will see which is better.

remember i said in my previous post i bought 2 pasu for mini dais. here it is. later the pasu we can bring to new home kat seremban nanti.

as for door gifts for his side, mum said she wanna give something like crystal-bowl. where we can put bunga rampai in it. that bowls we can get them from syarikat menang. {sape tau syarikat menang? hehehe}. coz she is a member and they having year end sale. tak tau. will see later. mum will servey the price first.

ah people it YES timeeee!!! too bad i cant go for shopping. save nanie save!!!

about a ring, he said his mum has an idea for the ring. i definitely tak kesah if his mum wanna pick for me. coz i totally trust her. bakal mak mertua ku ade high taste ok. hahah. remember my merisik ring. i simply love it. so i think i will love my engagement ring if she wanna choose it for me. lalalala. so part ni tak payah pening-pening pikir. so nanti surprise sikit tak tau rupa ring macam mana. bertambah excited and nervous nanti. hehe.

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