Saturday, December 11, 2010


did i told u all my e-day color theme? its pink! PINK! and the only person who loves pink that much is si kenit balqish. she must be so happy nanti when she knows we will use so many pink items. i'm not fancy the pink color. infact i hate pink. dulu-dulu la. cant believe i will wear pink on my e-day.

so the kain i bought at jakel is pink. together with kain baju melayu also in pink. ghasak la akmal nak kene pakai pink jadi mat jambu that day. hahahah. the last time i went back to muar, we almost settle in buying the hantarans deco and also mini dais deco. i just cant list down all the things that we bought because its tooooo many of them! =))

my mum is doing my hantarans. this is only 23% of it. kot? haha. she send the picture of it, i approved then she continue with the rest of the deco. i cant imagine the come out now but i trust my mom. she did so many hantarans for other people so i just put my trust on her. boleh gitu? hehe. i dont bother if is will look like an old-skool as long as it is beautiful, to my eyes. biasalah cita rasa orang yang belum berapa nak tua. =P

alas dulang itu we bought at SSF damansara,

gabus untuk alas barang hantaran tu i bought at perling, jb. cant remember the shop name. but the shop is quite big, macam gudang. and bought these flowers there. mum said she wanna use as the deco of hantaran. so i bought 7 of them. and also the gift bag. something similar to this one but it plain pink with ribbon. i wanted the polkadots but they dont have it. =(( so terpaksa beli yang plain. tapi cantik jugak lah!! hehe

the flower for hantaran deco.

the goodie bag. 
*image : google*

and surprisingly my sis booked MUA for me. because she is not confident to do my make-up. haha. as long as she belanja, im ok with it!! hahahaha. tp tolong lah jangan make up i tebal-tebal macam tepong gomak. harap-harap leher akan sama color dengan muka. kalau tak.....memang aku back hand akak aku nnt. huh.

eh did i told u we bought artificial flowers for mini dais? yuppp we bought it at mydin melaka. they look like the real roses. and the awesome thing is its under rm100, for all the flowers. best kan?? picture takde. will post about it later. 

photographer called me the other day. to cofirm my booking. pandai kau call aku eh ingat dah lupe. kalau tak nak gie serang kedai tu minggu depan. hehe.

so with less than 2 months i hope everything will turn well. nervous!

i think i am not do-it-myself here. but lebih kepada do-it-ourself (DIO). because i have my super-mum and sister to help me out! love them to the max!

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