Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Now I am officially broke. Again. How many times I said I'm broke??? Haha. If i know engagement ceremony will need a lot of money, I may tell the parents that we don't need the ceremony. Maybe just a simple one where just sarung cincin and that's it. Bole tak? But the problem is both parents want us to engage in proper way. Ikut adat semua. And having sister as penasihat to my mum memang mencabar. Haha. Sorry sis. But on top of that we know they want the best for us.

So I kene dig out savings yang dah simpan for wedding. To buy stuffs for bertunang. And I taught its only thousand ringgit. But I'm so wronggggg! Its more than that ok. Even though we just DIY, but....yeah u still want the best kan. To reduce perasaan guilty, most of the items we bought is reuseable. In any way. Must be. Haha gile cheapskate kan. Haha.

So my sis tried to make up me. Failed!!!! She said my eyes susah nk bentuk sebab takde kelopak. Haha. Second trial failed jugak. End up kene hired mak andam jugak nak make up ni. We'll seeeeee....

Habis jewels is having promotion. 30-70% discount! Grabbed the pamplet and showed it to akmal. But he said no need to worry coz his mum already booked a ring for me. Seeeee? FMIL lagi effision dari bf sendiri. And I curi-curi bace sms between akmal and his mum. And it made me smiled all day long. Hahahaha. Sayang u kene dengar cakap mak u ok! Hahaha.

After the weekend, I can cross few item in my checklist. Hiasan hantaran yang major thing dah beli, bunga for mini dais, goodie beg, bekas bunga rampai, and etc. Phewwww... (Tapi poket rabak!!)

Ok. That's all for now.

**congrats to my 2 friends for their wedding, ezhu and zaharah. And to maseela for the upcoming anak buah. Hehe.

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