Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 8 - Your opinion on your body and how comfortable you are about it.

honestly, yes i have big boobs and big ass and big shoulders. hahahahahaa. but small legs and peha. my body is apple shape. that is why my upper body is bigger than the lower part.

and i easily gain weight. but susahhhhhhhh gile nak loose weight. tekanan tau!

comfortable? not so. but we just need to be confident about ourselves, aren't we?

tapi encik tunang suruh kurus lagi sikit supaya hot balik macam mase studi kt UM dulu. hahahha.

malasssssss nak jogging. kalau tiba-tiba terbayang gambar kahwin or baju kahwin that day, baru la semangat pergi jogging. kalau tak, nan ado. hakhakhak.

lantak la labu..yang penting jaga makan sudey.

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