Wednesday, April 27, 2011

go GREEN !!! with free tutorial too =)

my green inspirations board.

i love the last pictures. you dont need to seragamkan warna tema u all. for example, if pilih hijau (like me), try out every shades of hijau u can think of. so takde la boring gile kan?

why i choose green?

for me, the green color is cool, romantic, funky, happy, fresh. all moods in one. so thats why i choose green.

lime green, teal (deep green), green apple, dark green (greenish brown), light green (closer to yellow) and mix them with yellow creamish, white and brown.

and i dont fancy black to use in any wedding, espicially mine. so yes, no major black color in my wedding unless guests pakai baju hitam. hehehe. tu tak boleh nak halang la kan.

ok. thats all i can blog now.

and here.

free tutorial on FABRIC FLOWER

free tutorial on PAPER FLOWERS.

aku rase macam dah penah share link paper flowers tuh. yang fabric tuh belum kot. hehe. so i got the ideas from both website.

and this one too.

free tutorial on how to DIY RIBBON BOUTONNIERE

***please click on the bold word to go the website. thanks.

sharing is sexy baby!

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