Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sewa baju sanding sepasang for only RM400?

i found a boutique to rent wedding attires at only rm400, sepasang. i meant rm400 for baju L&P. muraaaahhhhh isnt it?

and their baju are all gorgeoussssss!

but i dont know yet about their terms. will check more on it later this friday.

hope for the best!

if i confirm the booking, i will update u girls. so b2b around johor and jb can get some benefits from it. lalalalala.

owh tak sabarnye nak tunggu friday. eheh.

esok gaji weh!



fitria said...

mule2 baca dah excited.. skali bile bace sampai abis, lorrr kat jb je ke.. huhu kecewee

PussyCat said...

update cepat2! :) btw, b2b fr melaka boleh jugak kan?


HERNANIE said...

fitria: alololo ;) klu sanggup dtg jb ape salah nyeee hehe

ika: bole ajeeee :)

shoping said...

jb tu kat mane?? kalu sempat leh gak tgk.. pt raja ke jb xde la jauh sgt..

HERNANIE said...

i will let u all know. i'll post some photos later. will curi2 ambil gambar baju2 kt butik tuh. heheh