Monday, October 24, 2011

2 months!!!


exactly 2 months away.




tapi banyak lagi tak siap.

kad kahwin.
pelamin nikah.
baju nikah.
veil nikah.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

hasil gaji bulan ini

dulu penah beli yang 80pages 17''x12''. tp dah ni ade diskaun berganda, beli la lagi. 40 pages je. medium size. kot2 tak muat 80 pages semua gambar kahwin i nanti. hehehe. akmal tak tau aku beli ni. kalau dia bace belog aku ni, tau la kot nanti. if u read this, sorry org tak bagitau. hhihihik. peace!

ini mengade je *rambut memang banyak gugur*. plus, aku beli lagi satu deal 1 session slimming from Mayfair Bodyline RM8.80. saje untuk pamper diri bila dekat big day. yet to wait for a spa deal. dpt 1 session spa. ok la kot. come on! cepat la kuarkan spa deal area johor. i want one....

and this one. 1 month unlimited gym passes. gym dekat dgn hotel new york jb. dekat juga dengan banafe village and banafe lama. pas gym makan nasi pecel lele. huehuehue. hope bole fitkan badan in this 1 month. lagi 3kg je! but if tak dapat lost 3 kg, i just want to look healthy and radiant on the big day. hoho. mungkin dah takdir berat aku memang 50-52 kg je kot. nasib badan (-__-'')   bole gitu? haha

props menggedik utk photoshoot nanti. hehe. and also for my friends nk ber-camwhoring mase wedding nanti. i know lots of my friends kaki menggedik depan camera. i know u girls. tak usah nafikan -___-''
*jangan lempang aku please. haha ampun!*

if u all noticed i added tab DIY list kt atas tu. so that aku ingat ape benda yg dh buat and cari balik incase dh masuk kotak and lupa simpan kt mane. hoho. anyone nk tutorial, sila request. nanti aku buat. huhu. ade ke? project cikai jek   (-___-'')

ok. byeeeee

Friday, October 21, 2011

what to wear for a photoshoot.

this coming Deepavali, we're going to have pre-wed photoshoot. white studio. hohoho. excited neh.

being me, memang freak out la sikit. nak fikir baju ape. kasut. rambut. make up. hihik. takut tak cantik dalam gambar. dah la bayar mahal. (mahal ke? LIMA PLOH HINGGIT je pun -___-'' ) hiks.

sebab limaplo tu je la nak kene make sure gambar turn out cantik. kalau bayar mahal, ape kesah kan. bak kata mat salleh, "what u pay, u"ll get the same as it is". tah betul ke tak peribahasa ni. bantai aje lah.

anyway, aku pun research la sana sini. turun naik library. bukak jurnal semua. ceh. tipu je.

google. jumpa INI

let me copy and paste it here. credit to the owner.

What to avoid

  • Avoid bright yellows, reds and oranges (they battle the subjects face for attention) and the camera will readily pick up the reflected light and render skin tone with a colour cast.
  • Avoid clothing containing logos, slogans, or other distractions.
  • Bold stripes, large designs and polka dots stand out and tend to draw attention from the portrait's subject.
  • Avoid short sleeved tops or shorts. When arms and legs are exposed and there’s lots of skin visible, it can be a distraction from the main focal point of the photo - the face.

What to wear!

  • I like white long sleeved tops and blue jeans. This combination works very well with the white background.
  • Black tops can also work well with a white background but this is a high contrast and leads to photographs with a very different style.
  • Also consider wearing a top that has an interesting collar and/or sleeves.
  • A top that has interesting textures (e.g. a sweater) can also add depth and richness to an image. If you will have more than one change of clothing for your session then consider bringing a variety of necklines, textures, colors, and undergarments to achieve a wide variety of looks.
  • Stick to solids and subtle patterns.


  • Simple and elegant is the advice when selecting jewellery for a portrait. The same applies for any other accessories that you wish to have included in your portrait.

What to bring?

  • A comb or brush and hair-spray if you use it.
  • A light face powder to reduce any shine on your face that may build up during your shoot.
  • For gents (or women who prefer not to wear much or any makeup), bring a lip balm. Dry lips don't show well in photos and so a non-shiny, non-waxy, none coloured lip balm is essential. Avoid chap sticks, as they tend to leave a white residue.
  • If you normally wear makeup, bring it with you but avoid high gloss lipsticks or very shiny lip gloss. Often they look too unnatural and reflect too much light in photos.

Pregnancy / Maternity

There are lots of clothing options for a maternity portrait each can be used with different lighting and backdrop styles:
  • White blouse, with lacey cuffs with a few buttons fastened and your bump on show, this works really well with a white backdrop.
  • Cropped top and casual trousers/tracksuit bottoms in a dark colour; this can be effective with either a white or black backdrop. When using the black background moody lighting is used to add shadows and depth to your portrait.
  • Wearing some pretty lingerie. You can go for the bright and happy look, you looking beautiful and confident against a white background.
  • Nude, posed beautifully to show just what you want to show; relaxed, warm and comfortable.
  • Wrapped in a sheet, just below your bump. (White or black - to match the background).
Since your bump will be exposed, it is important that, for a couple of hours before the shoot, you don't wear any tightly fitting clothes across it (we don't want any marks left by waist bands etc), likewise for any other areas that are likely to be exposed.

Children, toddlers and babies

  • Little ones photograph best in simple clothing. White and pastels are classic choices.
  • Newborns and babies have gorgeous skin, and nothing shows off that natural, innocent soul like nakedness (or just a nappy). An added bonus for slightly older babies, is that eyes tend to stand out more when they are not overpowered by clothing.
  • A popular look for baby and children portraits is all white. This gives a clean and natural look to the images, and is a great way to create a classic portrait that captures the purity of childhood.
  • Don't be afraid to put your baby or child in bold colours or prints. Although not generally recommend for an adult (or newborns), vivid colours on young children will result in a playful, lively portrait, especially primary colours like red, blue, and green.
  • If your child wears his Superman cape everyday, maybe you should let him wear it in a few pictures. Why not? You want pictures that capture that your little man really is, right? Besides, he may be much more willing to take other non-cape pictures afterwards. Props can be great addition, too, so consider bringing your child's favourite book, stuffed animal or toy.

Group photos - the family portrait

  • Coordinate outfits. Everybody in the portrait should wear items that complement each other in style and colour. It is not necessary for all clothes to match, but they must make sense together. Choosing clothes with same or similar colours unifies the picture and keeps the focus on the people in the picture.

hope this helps a lot. ^_^



#1. nak kahwin ni, duit keluar macam air -__-''

#2. pegi SSF, beli. pegi angsana, beli. pegi romantika, beli. pegi pelangi mall, beli. jumpa barang comel untuk deco, beli. jumpa barang murah dan cantik, beli. tapi ade tersalah beli barang. ingatkan RM 14.50. rupanya RM41.50. dah bayar baru macam "eh. asal mahal??". sesal kemudian tak berguna. terpaksa bayar sbb macam malu nak letak balik -__-''

#3. tau tak boot kereta aku dah penuh gila dengan segala macam barang wedding. dulu penuh dengan kasut. hihihik. lepas ni penuhkan seat belakang pulak. hohoho.

#4. sebenarnya banyak barang yang aku beli tu nk ceritakan kat sini. tapi semua dalam kereta. rumah aku tingkat 7. T.U.J.U.H. faham dah? mekasih ;)

#5. lagi 63 hari. bole ke nak kurus ni? sempat ke? puasa 2 bulan, bole kurus tak? tapi kalau ade jamuan kat ofis or ade orang belanja, mesti tak puasa. rugi plak tak makan. dangggggg!!! camna kau nak kurus kalau tak tahan nafsu?

#6. now, 51.5kg. target nak 48 kg. bole kaaaaaaaaaaaaa?  stress la oi. jom makan kuew tiaw kerang. nyum nyum.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

whatelse to cheer me up?

wedding prep of course!

mood so down.

tak dapat pindah muar or melaka before kahwin. means, pas kahwin nanti PJJ lagi. suck gila kan? called MOH and JKNJ. they said bole tukar if HOD put it as "pengganti kemudian". but HOD tak lepaskan. and penjawatan baru belum tahu bila yang pasti, not so soon. so aku akan dapat pindah once ade orang baru masuk. which is tak tau lagi bila. post aku ni tak banyak. dalam malaysia cuma kat hospital besar je ade. fine. nak tukar skim PTD. jup lagi jugak aku mohon. heeee tekanan!

lepas tu ade pulak insan yang tak faham. ape aku cakap sikit terus nak melenting. terus nak marah-marah. dah la aku sedih gila tak dapat tukar. heeeeee tekanan ganda dua!

kalau layan emosi ni memang tak habis-habis kot. nasib baik pasni tukar HOD baru. harap-harap HOD baru bole tolerate nanti.

ni mase dinner farewell HOD. menang best dress. sempat lagi tu. hahah. mane yang best nye aku pn tak tau lah. haha


lagi 69 hari!

next project yang kene habiskan,

for reception:
- boutonniere (dah siap tgl nak letak duit kertas)
-  signage
- candy buffet
- photobooth (yes i decided nak buat photobooth)

for nikah:
- paper flower for nikah dais
- veil nikah

wish me luck!

pssttt: poster from fastprint malaysia and also spanx from kerryblogshop dah sampai. nanti aku reveal. heheh

Sunday, October 09, 2011

guestbook vs photobooth

i am confused.

which one is more practical?

ok. the ideas is :

1. guestbook- the normal guestbook. with so many brilliant design. the traditional guestbook, wish cards, wish tree, frame guestbook or the tree-fingerprint tu. semua pun macam best. but which one yg long lasting, yang tak masuk kotak jadi pekasam?

2. photobooth cum guestbook - prepare the props such as blackboards, ask them to write the wishes, snap pics and then print them out. i cant afford polaroid camera, so i think i just use DLSR. yes or no?

question is, which one yang practical, tak menyusahkan guests and fun. practical here is, the space. my reception kat rumah je. faham-faham aje la. limited space.

so yang mana satu ni?




shoes : checked!




brand : carlo rino
price : rm39 (after less 70% during Jcard day at jusco)
brooch : rm15 for 2

comfy? checked
money worth? yes
satisfied? ok la..... haha

now, i have my handbouqet picture in my mind. compliment the green shades of the shoes.


Friday, October 07, 2011

hantaran dah settle.

semalam Jcard day kat jusco bukit indah JB. sanggup tebalkan muka pinjam jcard akak collegues. hewhewhew. aku malas nk register jcard. setahun 3x je kot g jusco. baik x payah. hu. lepas keje pegi jusco dgn lg sorg collegue yang akan kahwin jugak a week before aku.

sampai-sampai sane, masyaAllah, ramainya umat. pening aku tengok. nasib baik dapat parking.

aim utama. nk settlekan kasut sanding and lagi 1 hantaran. 1 dulang kosong ni. hu. meroyan jup tengok diskaun sampai 70-80%. hoho. almost 2 jam kitorg spend just kat area handbag and kasut women. gila ko. ramai orang. panas jadi jusco tu.

last-last rempat slingback peeptoe heels dari carlo rino. acctually aku x bape gemar sling back. lagi suka yang sarung tu. tapi takde plak. yang ade jenis sarung tapi bukan peep toe. aku nak peep toe jugak. nak nampak inai kaki sikit nanti. hahahaha. verangan. tapi dapat harga murahhhhhhhhhhhhh gile. rembat aje lah.

tapi design nya simple gile. macam kene letak brooch or bead sikit. bagi meriah. DIY la jawabnya.

then untuk penuhkan lagi 1 dulang, aku beli handbag aje. acctually macam x tau nk specs hitam or nak benda lain. semua tu tak practical utk aku. nk specs macam bazir sbb aku rabun. nak perfume, aku ni jenis loyal pada 1 perfume je. takde la botol perfume sampai seplo tu. nak suit, aku keje pakai baju kurung je. nak handbag, aku ni plak jenis tukar-tukar handbag. handbag mahal pun x gune sbb nanti cepat bosan aku sumbat dalam almari je nanti. mesti akan beli baru.

tapi sebab blur sangat dah tak nak ape. aku beli je handbag tu. **encik tunang sila bayar balik pada saya**
murah je pun. nak buat syarat penuhkan dulang. dah less 70%. hahahaha. mesti encik tunang suka sbb murah. -___-"

so settle dah bab hantaran and kasut. 1 kasut untuk pakai nikah, sanding and tandang. jimat. **tapi klu terjumpa kasut cam lagi cun pasni bole la beli kot. haha. sebab cam tak rugi pun. kasut yang dah beli ni memang murah gilaaaaaa**

now, proses DIY hantaran untuk akmal pulak.

jeng jeng jeng.

 hihik. nnt reveal pas wedding yeh. tak cantik mana pun. bunga artificial jek.

hantaran akmal bagi aku plak, MAK AKU yang buatkan. boleh gitu? tak surprise dah. tapi pedulik hape kan. hehe.


tengah tunggu spanx yang order dari kerrybloshop sampai. excited yawww! hehe

k. tu je. daaa~

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

magic ke? tak pun

progress yang membanggakan. macam kilat. macam, "puffffff tetiba banyak dah settle" macam magic. hahhahha. nan ado. semua tu usaha tangga kejayaan.

kursus induksi tamat. yeay. hihik

kursus kahwin pun dah setel. sijil kursus dh dapat.

HIV test done.
photocopy segala document also done.
form dah isi.
tinggal nk hantar ke tok imam.

so tinggal tunggu green light nak kawin.


bridal room set dah beli. tapi aku tak beli 1 set. aku beli katil dengan tilam jek. solid wood. ye, citarasa aku klasik sikit. hehe. kalau beli 1 set mau RM4000 terbang. so to save the cost, beli katil dgn tilam je.
yang penting katil kene KUAT dan KUKUH. hahahahahha.

cermin beli kat kedai lain. terjumpa 1 meja solek ni. classic gila. macam cermin ala baba nyonya melaka tu. jatuh cinta. bodek-bodek cina tuh dapat less yang berbaloi-baloi. then beli almari drawer kayu yang 5 tingkat tu. so takde wardrobe gergasi tu. semak mata tengok. hahah. simple jek. bole bayangkan dah bilik pengantin macam mana nanti. hahhaa. nanti nak deco ala-ala deco bersama eric. hihik. mampu ke?

total lost untuk bilik tak sampai 2000. yang penting katil tuh. memang dah lama aim katil macam tuh. haha. mahal sikit pun takpe. sanggup. heeee

banyak benda dah settle.
catering pun dah confirm.


80 hari lagi.