Friday, December 02, 2011


we started as friends. really closed friends. i even helped him to tackle a girl before. hihik

now its been 3 years 3 months and 3 weeks since the day we tried to make it as a couple. hihik. yeah. we tried. and trying. and still trying. so hard. till we make it. to present. where we cant be separated anymore. till death. insyaAllah.

ok enough mushi time

received our invitation card already. yeayyyy!! so happy!

remember i said, i did not involve in the process. all done by fMIL. i only said i want natural color. i think she showed me the design before. but cant remember at all.

we combined the invitations for both events. i personally think this is a cheaper way to save cost. at first i wanted  a simple one piece card. obviously this idea was rejected by who else, my parents. hehe.

then fMIL suggested us to combine cards. so we agreed and let her decides everything. we only gave her our address, map and full name. thats all.

the vendor is LH creative. the owner of LH creative is my fMIL relative. so dapat la harga special. if not, 1 piece of this card should be around 1.50. but alhamdulliah, we get the price a lot more cheaper =)

and the cards are finally ready!

anyway, this is our wedding invitation card. no teaser2.

 i love my cards to the max. its gold color. and i think they are so exclusive. hehe. a lil bit old taste, but who cares. yang penting, my parents and fMIL suka. thinking of it, peratusan kad to be distributed to our parents' friends are more than our friends. so biarlah card tu ikut taste diorang. ye tak?

perasaan tengok kad kahwin nama sendiri?

macam tak caya. betul ke nak kawin dah? kawin sekarang je la nak? haha.

dushhh. lempang sebiji.
k bye.

p/s : sape2 nk dtg wedding i, and nak card, sila bg alamat. ceecececey bajet retis la tu ade org nk dtg wedding i. perasan habis


nurul izayani said...

wahh..beshnya fmil y uruskn..sgt sporting la ur fmil..btw..cantiknya kad!! :)

[az azhari]™ said...

dah bagi address! i wantttt! haha.. nice la babe~