Thursday, February 09, 2012

nikah review : Videographer

click the link above to view my nikah's highlights video.

how is it?

i like it to the max! simple. sweet and memorable.

maybe ade part yang kene brush up, tambah skill lagi. but i dont mind. all i know is, i love the video. hehe
im his first customer. haha. lucky kan?

my OV was my colleague. now he's working in KL.

he came on time. before i make up. help me to arrange the groom and bride position so that he can get the best angle to shoot us.

so, to bride-to-be out there, maybe u can contact this guy. i bet u can get special price from him, much cheaper than other videographer. just mention my name. hehe. dia pun baru nk berjinak-jinak dalam bisnes videography ni. i rase he willing to travel outside kl.

i bet all of us nak keep the memory , kan? instead just a freeze picture of ur husband shake tok kadi's hand, maybe u want to consider a video to keep the moment. sebab ade suara, ade movement. bole tunjuk kt anak cucu nanti. hehe.

he also can shoot for sanding. but, i amik video for nikah je. i kan cheapskate. hahahha.

any b2b yg nk tanya for quotation, msg him on his facebook or email him


nadiah said...

nampak comel jer video tuuu :D

abbazsmakl said...


utk mana2 b2b yg berminat, silakan jemput berkunjung ke blog sy di

just PM me, u'll be suprised!

c ya!


hernanie said...

Nadiah, comel ke? Tenkiuu :)

Bazli, aku kene ade comisSion ni. Hahah