Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy mother's day!

1st time celebrating mothers day. Huhu. Tak sangka dah jadi mak mak.

Anyhow, we just lepak- ing at home today. I cooked and ironed all working clothes. Husband helped me vacuum and mop d house. Then sental toilet sorang satu. Sbb ade 2 toilet so kene bg sama rata. Muahahaha.

Yesterday, lunched at beriani power tesco. Husband ngidam dh lama. Then we shopped some groceries then we went to yong fong.

Our aim, nk beli carseat rayyan. Coz carrier yg ade tu dah x muat kt dia. Bahu tersepit. Kaki pn terjulur dah. Sian.

So after did some survey on price and quality, we chose sparco in blue. First time put him on the seat, he made weird face. Maybe tak biasa lagi. But as long as he diam, then ok lah. Huhu.

So we sold that esprit stroller and its carrier. After only 2 hours iklan publised kat mudah, dh ade buyer. COD. Muahaha. Rezeki la kan. We had to sell both coz they come in set. Plus esprit stoller tu eventho muat dlm boot swift n myvi tp ngam2 je dlm tu. if nk balik kg, barang kene letak depan. Tu lah sape suh beli kete kecik. Haha

So skrg rayyan xde stroller. Tgk la nanti. Mybe nk beli quinny ke. Muahahhaaha. Tp xde la yg modd ke buzz ke. Tak mampu. Zapp xtra je kot. We'll see how.

Oh. N i bought this shake n take mini blender. And bought extra 1 bottle for hubby too. So every morning dh senang nk prepare herbalife for us.

Thats all. Till next entry. Taa

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