Saturday, December 14, 2013

Anak demam jgn ambil mudah

By working in public hospital lab, i encountered many cases. From the medico legal to highly important cases. 

Knowing everyday ade patient expired (died) from the diseases, made me more cautious. When u feel very sick, or ur baby is very sick, do not delay. Go to emergency department immediately. Seek for medical advice. If it is ur baby, bring them to peadtrician. Do not go to general clinic yg swasta tu kalau dh 3-4 demam makan ubat still x recover.  Get what i mean?

Now is denggue outbreak season. I rase 1 malaysia kene. Some of the mortality including babies and children. Ade yg adult but usually the adults come with other underlying diseases. 

Tp yg baby and children ni. All are healthy and no underlying disease previously. Anak demam for almost 1 week and after  that bila x aktif and uncautious br nak bwk g ED. That time platelet already less than 10. Medical team xde cara lain but have to incubate them. 

Every one hour amik darah to cek the platelet. They hope the plt will increase. We in the lab also hope it will increase. When the hemorrage effect kidney n liver, nothing we can do. Just pray for magical.

That is about denggue. Pls. Be alert if anak kene gigit nyamuk. Monitor ade fever or not. If high temp je terus la bawak ke ED. At ED, they will do blood test, if all normal, no need to warded, but if platelet, wbc, HB, HCT problem, they will do further investigation. More blood tests

 So parents pls la jgn questioned why asyik buat blood tests je. We want to know whats wrong with u or ur baby. Dh dpt tu sebab ape br la bole treat specifically. 

Not a denggue case? Early this month, we receive full blood picture urgent for one baby. Other blood tests are ok. Fbp come back with some blasts. Blasts cell in blood indicate leukaemia. This baby hv sudden high fever. 2 weeks not recover. Before this very healthy. 

Another case, toddler. Had multiple cases of fever in a year. Means kerap demam. Sebulan sekali demam. The parents bwk ke klinik biase je and bg ubat. 2 years old check up at KK, br parents bgtau anak kerap demam. Nurse refer ke hospital. We did several tests. Fbp has blast. 

So sila jgn ambil mudah bila anak demam. A sudden high temp fever more than 38 degree, pls seek medical advice. Sometimes u get frustation bila ke hospital ni, x dpt what u expect, pergi hospital lain. Gov or private up to u. 

Thats all i can share. Together we pray our children will always be healthy. InsyaAllah. 

Akmal Rayyan is 1 yo!


Long hiatus everrrrrr. Hahaha

Ok whats to update?

Akmal Rayyan turned 1 on 26 nov. We had no birthday party. But we bought a cupcake, lighted the candle and sang birthday songs to him. He just laughed. And of course mommy ate the cupcake. Haha.

His teeth baru nk keluar. Yup. Gigi tumbuh lambat -___-
Can walks few steps already. Super lasak this little man. I hv no idea how his babysitter handles him alone. Must be really tiring. Pity her. Haha.

Can pronounce 'nak', 'dah', 'dada' as in hello, 'awaaaaa bad' as Allah hu Akbar, and 'abah' clearly. I is jelaous. So not fair. Hehehe

Suka jalan-jalan. I meant, jalan2 ke mall ke, naik kereta. Nampak org yg pakai lawa sikit or tgh bersiap, dia bole pegi kt org tu x mau lepas sbb nk ikut. Abah dia or i nk nak ambil pn dia x nak. Haha. Ikut perangai sapa ni suka jalan? Ehhe good boy. So mmg senang sgt bwk jalan. Tak meragam byk. Dia penat dia tdo la dlm stroller. Bunyi bising ke org jerit, have no effect to him. Haha 


Now he loves to babble. Bole layan his 'talks' like we understand it as he understand us. I keep replying him. Hopefully this will help in building his vocab later.

Allergic to egg. Naik rashes kt area mulut and leher bila bg egg. 3 times trial, failed. So jab mmr delay la dulu nampaknya. 

What else? Oh, he is very socialable. Haha. Tak takut org lansung. Bole flying kiss kt india or cina meja sebelah and gelak2 dgn diorg. Few times bila makan kt kedai, owner kedai ambil dia and layan him. Afraid jugak. Tp we keep eyes on him. Paranoid anak hilang. Haha. So ade few times me and husband kene outstation or kursus, tinggalkan dia kt nenek and atuk. No problem at all. Siap2 babai2 kita masa nak pergi -___-

Yang penting rambut tu rare. Curly mee maggi tak tau ikt sape. Haha

Thats all. Tata