Saturday, February 01, 2014

Our future home

I just cannot wait to move in to our own house. Wohoooo!

Fine. It is my husband's loan. But i just pretending my name is in the S&P too. hahahah.

We're waiting for CF. Developer estimates this coming may to give us the keys. Oh i just cannot wait. Excited okehhhhhh.

In d mean time, i am thinking to convert my house loan in seremban into gov loan. But some of my frens said just let it be as bank's loan. Hurm. Need to brainstorm about this. To consider the pros and cons.

Housing price this day.... I tell u its really crazy! The same design as our house but still in construction, price increased for about 150k. And it is just 1 and half year difference!!!!

But we hv another problem. Need to change the car. Hahaha. Husband la...before we got married, he bought this swift when i already hv myvi. So both are small cars. So u can imagine la how sempit it is bila nak balik raya. Byk barang ok!! Haha

Takpe tu bole fikir later. Right now, nk cari idea to decorate our house. 

Till then. 

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